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Starter Problem?? Help!!


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Dear Enfielders

after the winter stop, I have recharged the battery, popped her back in, turned the key and....


there's this electric buzzing sound that doesn't stop and the bike wont start.

It's similar to the sound as when you turn on the bike but it normally lasts a a couple seconds.

Is something wrong?

Or does the electric starter need to be "charged" after the winter and I should let it buzz for a while??

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tell us your model and i ll translate your problem to the society
but, i want to ask you,
1.does the electric starter run or not?
2. if it runs; are you sure that your bike has fuel?

Για ελληνική βοήθεια [url=http://www.royalenfieldclub.gr/forum/index.php?/topic/829-starter-problem-help-ελληνικό-κείμενο-για-βοήθεια-στον-camillako/]εδω[/url]
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Hi guys and thanks for this.

The bike is a classic 500 EFI

Rata: im not sure if the starter works, there is this buzzing noise non stop like i was saying. and when i try to turn her on it goes quiet, no more buzzing, but nothing happens at all, total silence.

i pushed her to try to force start her and the engine burped a couple times but didnt ignite.

fuel OK.
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where do you live? i m not sure but i think in voula,right? tomorrow i ll be in your area. so, i ll send you a pm with my phone number to call me

one more question

when you push the electric starter button,the lights continue to work strong or not?

well, you ve recharged the battery but maybe it has not enough power to start the engine.
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Does the problem persist or its straightened out now ?

sounds like the starter solenoid if everything else (battery , fuel , etc) checks out. Επεξεργάσθηκε από το μέλος Γιώργος
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